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Driven By Data

Managing Fleet Information Overload

The average modern car already has over 200 connected data points. What’s more, by 2020, experts predict nearly every new car will be fitted with sensors to measure emissions, tyre pressure, humidity, viscosity of engine oil, car position, air humidity, speed and much more. Indeed, by then, a single vehicle will generate an extraordinary four terabytes of information every day.

For car, truck and van fleet managers, this data revolution is unlocking a range of valuable business insights. But analysing those insights and using them to improve operating efficiency, boost productivity and make better, more informed fleet management decisions requires a new generation of technology solutions, skills and responsibilities. From fleet telematics and gps tracking systems, to predictive maintenance and the use of blockchain in logistics, it is imperative that fleet managers embrace data and adopt new ways of working across their role.

Yet how prepared do you feel to both incorporate a wealth of new data into your existing fleet management systems and process it effectively to thrive in this new era of connected vehicles? Shell Fleet Solutions has analysed some of the key trends and technologies driving the industry into a data led future, while outlining some of the practical steps fleet operators can take today to set themselves up for success tomorrow.

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What’s now and next for the fleet industry

  • Time for action

    From harnessing dynamic data and getting onboard with telematics to using blockchain for signing contracts and transferring goods, today’s fleet managers have access to an array of new and potentially game changing technologies. But equipping their business for a data driven world, means equipping themselves too. So, as well as exploring the range of technical solutions available, our report considers the top five skills fleet managers need to succeed – both now and in the future.
  • 2025 fleet industry vision

    By 2025, experts predict that big data will help fleet managers drive down operating costs by approximately 3%. Meanwhile, powered by connected and autonomous vehicles, a new generation of plugged-in drivers will emerge on the roads. But what will that world of tomorrow look like? We lay out a powerful vision of the vehicle fleet industry in 2025 – and ask ‘are you ready for it?’.
  • A five-point plan for a data driven future

    Fleet operators are under growing pressure to optimise operations and increase productivity, all while reducing fuel consumption, cutting emissions and tackling congestion. Small and large vehicle fleets alike, OEMs, service providers and software vendors must therefore work together to meet these seemingly diverse objectives. Our report lays out a clear five-point strategy for the whole industry to thrive in a data driven future.


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