This is Ryan's story

Title: Ryan

Duration国产在线观看: 1:03 minutes


In this video, we meet Ryan, an engineer working at Shell in the US, and she describes her background and how her job at Shell makes a difference.

60 SEC BIOG - Ryan V8 - 16x9 – MASTER Transcript


国产在线观看Click-clack of mechanical keyboard.

国产在线观看[Text displays]


国产在线观看Engineer – USA


We open on a still shot of the Houston skyline at dusk, see below pale blue sky, with car lights streaking along a highway in the foreground. Title text displays over this shot.

[Background music plays]

The Sound of Shell adaptation

国产在线观看Interview with Ryan


Engineer - USA


I’m Ryan and I’m a senior operations support engineer in the Gulf of Mexico.

[Video footage]

Close-up footage of Ryan speaking into the camera, seen against the background of an office interior.


I’m somebody who really likes community and I like putting down roots. I feel like at Shell, one of the things that strikes out to me the most is the community of people. Yeah, I could see myself working at Shell for the rest of my career.

[Video footage]

国产在线观看Panning bird’s eye view of an oil platform in deep water, cutting to low-angle footage of the four-column hull of the platform, seen against deep blue sky. Two still shots of Ryan posing for the camera, wearing her Shell-branded safety suit, successively transition into and out of frame; in the first, she is on the platform deck with blue sea and sky in the background, and in the second, she is in an interior group shot with colleagues. We cut to an extreme close-up of Ryan’s face as she breaks into a broad smile. Next, we see slightly wider-angle footage of Ryan and other young Shell employees seated together in reception-style chairs in an open office environment; as they talk together, the shot cuts to a close-up of one of the young men in the group laughing. Close-up footage of Ryan speaking into the camera, as before.


国产在线观看I don’t care about coming up with a new flavour of chip. I don’t care about coming up with a new scent of shampoo. Those aren’t things that drive me.

[Video footage]

Extreme close-up of Ryan turning to look thoughtfully out of the window at frame-right. We cut to wide-angle footage of Ryan seated on a window ledge, holding a tablet on her lap and looking out through the window, where we see buildings, water and green vegetation. Close-up footage of Ryan speaking into the camera, as before. Bird’s eye view of the Hungerford and Golden Jubilee railway and pedestrian bridges over the Thames, with vessels passing beneath the bridges, as seen through the window.


国产在线观看There are people who are without light, without heat, who don’t have access to information.

[Video footage]

Close-up of the filament of a lightbulb going out, leaving only darkness. Wide footage of a small rural shop at night, surrounded by darkness; lights illuminating the interior and immediate exterior of the small shop are extinguished one by one, leaving only darkness. Extreme close-up of a lightbulb’s filament as electricity flows into it and it starts to glow. Wide-angle still shot of a smiling Ryan posing in front of a large blue “Opportunity for All” banner. We see high angle footage of a protesting crowd, and superimposed over this footage, we see horizontally scrolling text relating to social justice, the text appearing grainy, as though displaying on a flickering screen.


My hope would be that everybody has power that they can access to meet all of their needs, regardless of your geography, regardless of your gender, regardless of your race, that you would have the tools that you need to be able to do what you want in life.

[Video footage]

国产在线观看Close-up footage of Ryan speaking into the camera, as before. Low-angle footage of sun streaming through the foliage of a tree, forming a halo. Close-up footage of a smiling Ryan walking along a pedestrian area next to the River Thames, looking around as she walks, the footage creatively overexposed with a sunlit haze; on the other side of the river in the distance, Big Ben is visible. Close-up footage of Ryan speaking into the camera, as before. High angle close-up of two little girls flicking their fingers across the screen of a mobile device. Slow-motion profile-view footage of a little boy jumping up and down; we see other people seated in the blurred background. Slow-motion footage of a young boy divebombing into water.


The real driver for me at Shell, this is what I need to be doing – I need to be helping create the world I want to see.

国产在线观看[Video footage]

More close-up footage of a smiling Ryan walking along a paved area flanked by green grass and trees, the footage creatively overexposed with a sunlit haze; other pedestrians pass in the background, and Ryan looks around as she walks. Close-up footage of Ryan speaking into the camera, as before. We dissolve to a white background.


Transition to Shell Pecten centred on a white background with text displaying below.


Shell brand mnemonic, keys version.

国产在线观看[Text Displays]

The Future. Yours to Make.

? Shell International Limited 2019

[Text Displays]

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the individuals featured. They do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Shell group and its affiliates. The forward-looking statements made here are only examples of the featured individual’s work at Shell and desired outcome, as well as their personal wish for the future. It should not be relied on for any purpose.

"I want to be able to look back and say I played my part."


Ryan, Engineer at Shell USA

"I need to help create the world I want to see."





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