Volunteer Opportunities

2008 PSAA Annual MeetingASPSA is an all voluntary organization. The strength of ASPSA has been the active participation of a large percentage of its membership in its committee structure.

Even more importantly, what you learn about plastic surgery and what information you can return to your practice will be enhanced through your participation in the guidance of this organization.

All committees will briefly meet at the conclusion of the educational symposium.

If for some reason you are unable to attend, contact Lain Downs and your name will be included on the committee. The committee chair will contact you after the Annual Meeting.

The Budget and Finance Committee* prepares an annual budget for the guidance of the Executive Board. In addition, this committee acts in an advisory capacity and provides counsel on financial matters affecting the Association.

The Bylaws Committee studies the bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual of the Association, making recommendations for amendments. This committee is also for responsible for preparing and publishing an updated Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual.

The Convention Committee is responsible for the physical arrangements of the Annual Meeting. Two committees will be appointed: one representing the 2014 Annual Meeting in Chicago, the other representing the 2015 Annual Meeting in Boston.

The Credentials Committee prepares a list of members entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. This committee also assists in Annual Meeting Registration and provides credential identification to those members who are entitled to vote.

The Development Committee is responsible for the fundraising aspects of the organization. Members will be asked to assist in contacting vendors to sponsor-among others-symposia, the roster and advertisements in The Administrator Review. This committee is crucial in ensuring a viable budget to enhance the educational components offered to the membership.

The Education Committee is responsible for planning the curriculum for the Annual Meeting. This includes two and one-half days of educational symposia provided at each Annual Meeting.

The Hospitality and Welcoming Committee prepares the registration materials for the Annual Meeting and staffs the registration desk. This committee also staffs the Hospitality Suite at the Annual Meeting and provides directions and hospitality for new members attending the meeting.

The Membership Committee has the responsibility of maintaining and increasing the membership of the corporation. This committee also prepares an updated membership roster on a yearly basis.

The Nominating Committee* prepares a list of candidates for office after certifying that each meets the qualifications for office. This committee also prepares ballots for voting at the Annual Meeting.

The Publication Committee prepares for publication the official quarterly newsletter of the Association, The Administrator Review. This committee is charged with the responsibility of securing paid advertisements for The Administrator Review, as well as relaying all news to the members of the Association.

The Roster Committee is responsible for publishing and distributing the membership roster.

The Strategic Planning Committee* is responsible for establishing overall objectives, program and resource prioities and provides the framework within which action plans can be developed. The structure of our Association is quite complex and by maintaining committee functions, specific tasks can be delegated to appropriate committees, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our Association.

Return your request for committee membership to Lori Cruz, 4665 Sweetwater Blvd., Suite 110, Sugar Land, TX 77479, or send her an email at ljcruz@earthlink.net.

*The Budget and Finance and Strategic Planning Committee members are by appointment. The Nominating Committee is made up of elected individuals..